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Lancaster County is a great place for families. We believe kids' happiness and success is grounded in good health. Our goal is to help every Lancaster child have access to the healthcare they need, when they need it.

6,521 Children
Served Since 2004
Value of Care Provided Since 2004
100% Health Care Access
Our Goal for Children in the Lancaster Community

Access + Action = Achievement

Programs and Partnerships for Happy, Healthy Children


How are we removing barriers to children's health and happiness in the Lancaster Community? We are:

Providing you with greater access to our programs by adding CHIP coverage as well as treating children who are uninsured or have Medicaid.

Making sure that ALL children can receive care, no matter what their insurance coverage.

Expanding the scope of our services by helping people secure and understand health insurance coverage with our Access to Care initiative.

Identifying and serving areas of intense need to improve the health of our communities.

Solving transportation issues that prevent children from accessing available services.


What are we doing to build programs and partnerships for children's health and happiness in the Lancaster Community?

Living our mission and values; looking to the future while remembering our history and serving with reverence and compassion.

Developing and strengthening community partnerships with families, healthcare providers, schools, churches, and service agencies to bring you the best possible solutions.

Improving how we assess your needs and track results by partnering with local and national experts, establishing benchmarks, and implementing best practices.

Developing new programs that improve the health of children in the Lancaster Community, particularly in areas experiencing a shortfall of services.


What will it look like when we achieve our goals?

Every child in the Lancaster Community has access to the healthcare they need and deserve.

Our community knows and relies upon us for providing access to children's healthcare.

We address a wider range of children's health issues through expanded programming, partnerships, and investment in effective solutions.

Lancaster Community is known for healthier, happier children and communities, with the support to achieve their full potential.

CHI St. Joseph Children's Health improves the health of children in need within the Lancaster Community.