Our Local Board of Directors

While proudly part of the Catholic Health Initiatives family and the system’s extensive network of organizations and hospitals across the United States, the local purpose and direction of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health is driven by the thoughts, concerns and observations of dedicated and passionate members from our local Lancaster community.  Members of the local board of directors identify the strategic direction and tactics of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health within the Lancaster Community.

The leadership and oversight of the local board of directors assures that the services and programs provided in the Lancaster Community are having a positive impact on the health of the children and families we serve and that the organization’s services and programs are meeting the high quality and value standard that Catholic Health Initiative demands and our community members deserve.

FY2020 Board of Directors

  • Katherine Coleman
  • Erin Dragann
  • Bertha Saldana DeJesus
  • Jason Elliott
  • Jeremy Ganse
  • Philip K. Goropoulos, President
  • Lorraine Gutierrez
  • Christina Hartman – Treasurer
  • Daniel Keefer – Vice Chair
  • Mary Kennedy, OSF
  • Thomas Kopfensteiner, EVP – Mission
  • Claudia Madrigal – Secretary
  • Joseph Mayberry, DO
  • Elaine G. Ugolnik, J.D. – Chair