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Mental health struggles for children continue to be a major problem in communities across the country. Unfortunately, Lancaster County is not immune to this epidemic. We know that over 10% of youth have mental illness severe enough to impair daily life. Of these children, 80% did not receive treatment and studies indicate the average delay between the initial onset of symptoms and treatment is 8 to 10 years. Research has shown that a healthy diet, routine sleep patterns, increased physical activity levels, social engagement, and limiting screen time all have a positive effect on the emotional health of youth. At CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health, we believe all health is tied to emotional health. For this reason, we are delighted to present a new model of behavioral healthcare in central Pennsylvania. Our behavioral health center opened its doors to patients in August 2017. Our aim is to promote wellness by providing preventative strategies for families by nurturing healthy development throughout childhood and adolescence.

In an effort to address the emotional and behavioral needs of children in our community, our team is utilizing a model of care with a focus on environmental change, particularly at the family level, emphasizing both ongoing treatment and prevention strategies to address mental health needs. This model includes comprehensive family assessments, which will help us better understand the needs of families and allows us to identify those at risk for mental illness. All families will be offered ongoing developmental guidance with our wellness counselors who provide education, support, and suggestions about lifestyle choices which have been shown to have a positive impact on pediatric mental health. As part of the family assessments, recommendations are given to families and, when appropriate, family therapy is offered at the center with one of our psychotherapists. In addition, children who are in need of psychiatric care may receive this level of treatment.

We believe parental and family involvement in mental health treatment is a necessity, as children are reliant on their parents for nurturance, support and guidance. An increasing number of studies show that family-based interventions for emotional and behavioral health are effective in treating the most vulnerable populations. For this reason, it is our hope that our behavioral health center provides the opportunity for our community to raise emotionally healthy children and adolescents. We believe we can accomplish this through evidence-based practice that focuses on healthy development for children within the context of their families.

* The CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health model has been adapted from and inspired by the Vermont Family Based Approach developed by the Vermont Center for Children, Youth and Families at The University of Vermont – Larner College of Medicine.


Meet our Behavioral Health Team

Services Provided

Family Wellness Services including: Assessments, Coaching, Counseling and Support.
Psychiatric Services including: Evaluations, Assessments, and Medication Management.
Behavioral Health Counseling including: Individual and Family Counseling.

Many insurance plans accepted. No insurance necessary.

No insurance is required to receive service, but all CHIP, Medicaid and many private insurance plans are accepted. The St. Joseph Access Plan is also available to Behavioral Health patients and provides uninsured patients with discounts based on household income.

Appointments & Information

For appointments and more information please call 717-947-6535 or 1-844-837-9285. For Forms & Documents Click Here.


If you or someone you know is experiencing extreme thoughts or feelings of self-harm or have a plan or intent to harm yourself or others, please call 911 or the county crisis intervention program.

Lancaster County:    717.394.2631                       Chester County:     610.280.3270

Dauphin County:      717.232.7511                       Berks County:        877.236.4600

York County:            717.851.5320                         Lebanon County:    717.274.3363

Call 717-947-6535 or 1-844-837-9285 for more information or to make an appointment.