Family Wellness Program

Family Wellness Program

CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health is here to help.

Our innovative family wellness program, which includes individual, family and community-level activities, works with children and families throughout the Lancaster Community.

All families enrolled in the Family Wellness Program:

• Connect with a personal Family Wellness Counselor to support the family.

• Complete a family survey and assessment that identifies areas of success and areas in which the family may wish to improve. Topics explored as a part of the survey include communication, discipline, nutrition and physical activity.

• Have the option of participating in group and individual-level wellness programs specifically designed for local families.

• Gain access to behavioral health professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of your family.

The service is offered in the Lancaster Community as a part of the commitment of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health to supporting local families. There is no cost for families to enroll and complete the family survey and assessment.

Let us continue the journey together.

For more information on the Family Wellness Program call our Behavioral Health Center at 717.947.6535 or 844.837.9285