Children’s Health Education

Behavioral Health Education Programs

Let CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health inspire the health heroes in your life. Our engaging and evidence-based programs nurture the whole child and cultivate the seeds of healthy habits essential to children’s well-being.  We look forward to partnering with your school or organization to build a community of health heroes with the power to choose health!. Take a look at what we offer and call 717.397.7625 to schedule a program today.

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Hank the Health Hero

Hank the Health Hero is a champion of healthy choices who inspires Lancaster children to adopt healthy habits.  As an energetic and imaginative 8-year-old puppet, Hank believes he is a superhero whose healthy habits make him heroic!  Hank’s healthy attitude is contagious and his goal is to spread it far and wide, making health heroes of all the friends he meets.  Hank the Health Hero models resilience, goal-setting, and prosocial behavior. He is an excellent educator who captures the hearts and captivates the minds of children and families everywhere.

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Resources for Teachers & Caregivers

We regularly develop resources and programs to help grownups teach children about healthy habits at home and school.  See what we’ve been doing in the community and request resources that will inspire the health heroes in your home!

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