Behavioral Health Education Programs

Behavioral Health Education Programs

Imagine. A community of health heroes. With the power to choose health!

Let CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health inspire the health heroes in your life. Our engaging and evidence-based programs nurture the whole child and cultivate the seeds of healthy habits essential to children’s well-being.  We look forward to partnering with your school or organization to build a community of health heroes with the power to choose health!


Let’s Take Two

Grades 1 & 2 | 30 minutes | 30 children per session

Pause, breath, notice. Let’s Take Two aims to grow children’s self-awareness and self-regulation skills.  We review brain science basics to help children understand how their thoughts and feelings develop and distract. Health Heroes take time each day to slow down and build their mindful muscles.

Take Your Time Mindful Education Series

Grades 2 & 3 | 45 minutes | Once a week for 10 weeks | 30 children per session

Take Your Time is a 10-week mindful education series designed to help children improve their self-awareness and emotional regulation skills. We teach children to pause and listen to their bodies so they are better able to respond to their physical and emotional sensations.  We acknowledge that being human is confusing and we encourage self-reflection and self-compassion.  Once children are more equipped to handle their feelings, they become more attuned with what their friends and families may be feeling and more ready to offer compassion to others.

Mindful Schools Professional Development

Schools interested in the Take Your Time Mindful Education Series for students tend to see value in professional development opportunities to help staff promote and support mindful education. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our administrative office.

Mindful Schools partners include:

  • Lampeter-Strasburg Elementary School
  • Han-Herr Intermediate School
  • Central Manor Elementary School

To request a school or community health program contact our education department at 717.397.7625.