Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge

CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health is committed to helping kids learn the healthy habits that lead to healthy smiles. In 2016, we launched the first ever Healthy Habits, Healthy Smiles! Brush-Twice-A-Day Challenge, a county-wide effort to end children’s tooth decay. The challenge inspires 10 weeks of tooth-brushing that is sure to be habit-forming for elementary school children throughout the Lancaster Community.

Thanks to community partners at several preschools, elementary schools and the Library System of Lancaster County, the 2018 Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge reached 12,000 children!

Super Health Heroes Unite!

Look for the Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge at your school this winter and cheer on your student or child as they persevere through ten habit forming weeks of brushing!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Your Child will bring home a Health Hero Starter Pack complete with a toothbrush, toothpaste, ten scratch off cards, and caregiver information.
  2. Your Child can scratch off a tooth on the card each time they brush their teeth.
  3. Don’t forget to unscramble the word under the teeth and add it to the Super Bonus Card! Flip each card over for reinforcing activities and weekly challenges with Hank the Health Hero.
  4. Each week, your child can bring a completed card back to school and place it in the Hank the Health Hero mailbox.
  5. Every participating child will receive prize at school!


Hank’s Super Challenge!

Each scratch off card includes a weekly Super Challenge with Hank the Health Hero.
Follow Hank on Facebook to view Hank videos, activities, and more! 

Visit Hank the Health Hero’s YouTube Channel to view his Brush Twice-A-Day Playlist!


Participating Schools and Dates

District/School                      Start Date                     End Date


Denver                                    2/4/2019                      4/19/2019

Conestoga Valley

Brownstown                           2/26/2019                     5/10/2019

Leola                                      2/5/2019                      4/19/2019


Donegal Primary                     3/13/2019                    5/24/2019


Bainbridge                              2/25/2019                      5/10/2019

East High                                2/25/2019                      5/10/2019

Mill Road                                2/25/2019                      5/10/2019


Akron                                      3/12/2019                    5/24/2019

Clay                                        3/12/2019                    5/24/2019

Fulton                                     2/4/2019                      4/19/2019

Highland                                 2/4/2019                      4/19/2019

Lampeter- Strasburg

Hans-Herr                               2/4/2019                      4/19/2019

Lampeter                                2/4/2019                      4/19/2019

Manheim Central

HC Burgard                            2/4/2019                      4/19/2019

Manheim Township

Brecht                                     2/8/2019                      4/26/2019

Nitrauer                                   2/5/2019                      4/19/2019

Pequea Valley

Paradise                                  2/11/2019                      4/26/2019

Salisbury                                  2/11/2019                       4/26/2019

Lititz Christian                        2/6/2019                      4/23/2019

Resurrection Catholic            2/4/2019                     4/19/2019

School District of Lancaster

Buchanan                                2/6/2019                      4/23/2019

Carter MacRae                        2/19/2019                    5/3/2019

DASH                                      2/4/2019                      4/19/2019

Fulton                                      3/11/2019                      5/24/2019

Lafayette                                 3/16/2019                    5/24/2019

Price                                        3/7/2019                      5/17/2019

Ross                                        2/28/2019                    5/10/2019


Bart-Colerain                          2/12/2019                    4/26/2019

Clermont                                 2/14/2019                    4/26/2019

Providence                              2/22/2019                    5/3/2019

Quarryville                              2/22/2019                    5/3/2019


Kissel Hill                               2/4/2019                      4/19/2019


Caregiver Information Here/ Informacion para los Cuidadores aqui 



Click here to Download the 2019 Brushing Challenge Activity Pages!

Ready to inspire a little healthy competition at your school? Contact our Education Department at 717.397.7625 to bring the Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge to your children today.