Children’s Health Education Programs

Oral Health Programs

In schools, child care centers and after-care settings throughout the Lancaster Community, the staff at CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health offers oral health education programs for preschool and elementary students. Amidst stories and laughter, we promote brushing, flossing, and healthy eating to groups of children eager to discuss their wiggly, wayward teeth. To request an Oral Health Program, please contact our Education Department at 717.397.7625.

Let’s Talk Teeth

  • 30-minute program
  • Up to 60 children per session
  • Ages 2-12

Our 30 minute oral health experience is a snack-sized, age-appropriate program with loads of information to chew on.  We invite participants to bring their stories to the table and we share ours about brushing, flossing and healthy food and drink choices.  We review the unhealthy habits that can leave a bad taste in your mouth and we make a meal of our trip to the dentist where bright smiles are the main course.  Every participant leaves with a bag of tasty treats (toothbrush, floss, etc.) to help them make healthy habits and healthy smiles at home.

Sink Your Teeth Into Science

  • 60-minute program
  • Up to 25 children per session
  • Ages 9-10

Need to do more to satisfy the cravings of curious young minds? With our 60 minute program, we invite 3rd and 4th graders to whet their appetites with the best practices in oral hygiene.  They will feast on activities that allow them to explore, observe, and test why brushing, flossing, and eating well are healthy habits.  Guaranteed, every participant leaves with a bag of tasty treats and a smile on her face!

We Talk Teeth Too

All learners need reminders to make healthy choices! The staff at CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health can work with you to customize an oral hygiene lesson that is right for your audience. We welcome the opportunity to support parents with young children, teens, high-risk audiences, and students with special needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can serve your group.

Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge

Consider running a Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge for Lancaster children and families at your school or organization. Designed as a county-wide effort to end children’s tooth decay, the challenge inspires 10 weeks of tooth-brushing that is positively habit-forming for young children throughout Lancaster.  The Healthy Habits, Healthy Smiles! Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge reinforces and expands existing oral health activities in your home or school. For more information about this program, visit the Brush Twice-A-Day Challenge.

Behavioral Health Programs

It takes time to wrestle with your feelings and a whole lot of practice if you plan to be good at it.  So it makes sense to start young, understanding what emotions are, where they come from, and how to express them in healthy ways. We help children and families take time to be mindful.

Let's Take Two

  • 30-minute program
  • Up to 60 children per session
  • Ages 6-10

Let’s Take Two is a program that aims to grow children’s emotional intelligence. We review brain science basics to help children understand how their thoughts and feelings develop and distract. Though normal and helpful, feelings can be hard to understand and even harder to control. We practice two minutes of mindful activities to help promote self-control plus we provide a timer and tools to each child to help him practice mindful minutes at home.

Adventures in Wellness

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your group or organization on a health education program that is just right for your audience.  We are currently coordinating a county-wide oral health initiative and supporting the wellness practices of a local school district.  We also support health and physical education instruction and provide workshops for teens, special needs populations and caregivers in a variety of settings throughout the county.

Hank's Health Quests

Hank the Health Hero believes his healthy habits make him heroic! An energetic and imaginative 8-year-old puppet, Hank’s appetite for adventure inspires epic quests for healthy choices.  Cheer on Hank as he stops the spread of germs, fights tooth decay, and wrestles with his feelings.  Visit Hank’s page to find out more about his Adventures in Wellness.

Nutrition Initiative

We support the health and wellness efforts of school districts interested in expanding or reinforcing nutrition education initiatives. We are currently working with the Columbia Borough School District to increase students’ exposure to fruits and vegetables and measure changes in student preferences for healthy food options. Weekly food tastings, a farm field trip, and special events throughout the school year inspire students to make healthy choices.  The “Building a Better You” program is in its third year; it, incorporates Farm to School principles, giving students an opportunity to grow, harvest and eat fresh, local foods in the cafeteria.  A strong partnership between CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health, the Columbia Borough School District food service department and Heritage Creek Farm Camp and Education Center in Mount Joy, PA makes the program possible.

Health Hero Training Camp

Germs don’t stand a chance against a trained health hero! Take aim on tooth decay, launch an attack on plaque, run the MyPlate relay, and toss around all sorts of healthy ideas with this action-packed program. The Health Hero Training Camp is an active approach to health education; helping kids learn about their bodies with their bodies and inspiring a bit of healthy competition. Ideal for your library, recreation center or school, the Health Hero Training Camp is an experience you can bring to life by borrowing the kit, materials, and Educator’s Guide.  Need more help to make this program a reality?  Contact us to schedule a Training Camp presentation by educators from CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health.  This experience can be modified to meet the needs of people ages 5-18.

The Labyrinth Project for Preschools

The Labyrinth Project is a resiliency-based program for preschool educators who believe they can unlock a child’s potential with advanced play and problem-solving skills.  The key to success in Kindergarten is not what children know but how they learn it in preschool.  The Labyrinth Project offers interested Early Childhood Education Centers no cost training for teachers in their choice of play-based instruction or social-emotional learning strategies.  A stipend, iPad, access to the GOLD assessment tool and classroom resources accompany technical assistance for teachers plus ongoing support and evaluation from staff and students at Millersville University. Click here for more information or call 717.397.7625

To request a school or community health program contact our education department at 717.397.7625.