Children’s Health & Well-Being

As a community we are entrusted with caring for our children. We are charged with providing our children with the knowledge, the skills and the resourcefulness necessary to succeed in the world. All too often we fall down on the job. The shame is not in failing but in not rising up to try again.

CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health believes that together we can positively impact the lives of every child in Lancaster County. With imagination, courage and faith we can collectively establish the programs, services, activities and environment needs to provide each child with the opportunity to grown-up happy and healthy. The answers reside in our collective ability – as schools, as healthcare organizations, as nonprofits, as churches, as wellness program – to imagine the future we desire for children and families in Lancaster County.

The support of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health to efforts, programs, services and awareness efforts that enhancing children’s health and well-being in Lancaster County goes beyond the traditional offerings of medical, mental health, dental and fitness services. Our efforts strive to identify innovative and collaborative solutions that will address both the current and on-going health and well-being challenges threatening the futures of our children.

Recent Community Initiatives Grant Awardees:

  • Partnership for Public Health
  • VisionCorps
  • Hands Across the Street Summer Food Service

For information on how to apply for a Community Initiatives Grant visit our How to Apply page.