Giving Every Child, Every Opportunity

Donate Now: Giving Every Child, Every Opportunity

Let’s imagine together – what if you had the ability to do something today to help the children and families of Columbia Borough thrive while also positively impacting the community as a whole? Believe it or not, your gift to the Every Child Every Opportunity (ECEO) initiative will have the power to do just that! ECEO – part of our Healthy Columbia project – combines financial support in the form of Pre-Kindergarten and post-secondary education scholarships with family-based services to assure every child residing in Columbia Borough has the opportunity to thrive. In efforts to transform the health and wellbeing of communities, the largest return on investment is achieved by focusing resources and services on the youngest members of the community.

Your gift will create a positive ripple effect throughout the lives of children and families in Columbia Borough and contribute to the long-term health and prosperity of the whole community.

Giving Every Child, Every Opportunity

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