Family Wellness Case Management

Addressing the health needs of your child can be frustrating and difficult at times.  The system and your ability to access it often seems driven by factors other than what your child needs, or the work schedule you have to keep.  Family Wellness Case Managers at CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health work with families and children to understand, access and navigate the complicated world of health benefits and services in the Lancaster Community.  In our opinion, health care should not be so hard to understand nor should it be frustrating to secure.  That is why our staff is here to help.

Each of our Family Wellness Case Managers are dedicated to working with families in the community and those accessing our dental and behavioral health programs to assure that every child has access to the health benefits and services necessary to grow up happy and healthy.

Let our team help bring clarity to the confusing world of health care.  Case Managers may assist families in:

  • Obtaining health insurance benefits for children (Medicaid, CHIP and Commercial Insurance)
  • Securing and accessing medical care through a primary care physician.
  • Obtaining and maintaining a dental home to meet your child’s oral health needs.
  • Coordinating resources available within the community.

Our goal, much like your goal, is to provide your child with every opportunity to be successful.  For CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health, access to health services and programs is an essential building block in every child’s future.

Important Documents

For more information please call 717.397.7625. Our services are voluntary and provided at no-cost to the children and families accessing the program.