Healthy Columbia

A community-driven initiative of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health, Healthy Columbia is a public and private collaborative of individuals and organizations dedicated to providing and coordinating the services and the investments necessary to create a thriving community in Columbia Borough that values, prioritizes and improves the health and well-being of its residents.

The activities and programs of Healthy Columbia address community needs negatively impacting the health and well-being of residents and the Borough.

Healthy Columbia programming is designed to provide the opportunities and the supports necessary to create a healthy and thriving community.

Safe Homes and Neighborhoods
Objective: Revitalize the neighborhoods of Columbia Borough by supporting and creating a safe, healthy and welcoming environment in which all residents and families have the opportunity to thrive.

Health and Well-being
Objective: Link residents with the education, the resources, the benefits and the services essential to improved health and well-being.

Early Childhood Experience and Education
Objective: Support the structures and services necessary to provide every child within Columbia Borough with the opportunity to grow up happy and healthy in a community supportive of their needs, interests and activities.

Food Security and Nutrition
Objective: Increase the availability and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in the community.


Healthy Columbia's Baby Box Initiative Launches

Expecting families within the 17512 zip code are now eligible to receive a free Baby Box to promote safe sleep practices for infants. The program provides eligible parents with a safe place for infants to sleep (a cardboard bassinet with a firm mattress and fitted sheet), onesies, bibs, wash cloths, socks, a wearable blanket, burp cloths, and parent education about safe sleep.

Download Registration material for expecting families here

Learn more about the activities and programs of Healthy Columbia call 717.397.7625 or visit our Facebook page