Safe Homes and Neighborhoods

Healthy Columbia works to revitalize the neighborhoods of Columbia Borough by supporting and creating a safe, healthy and welcoming environment in which all residents and families have the opportunity to thrive.

Current Initiatives Include:

Lead-Safe Columbia

Lead is serious and so are we. Almost 90% of homes in Columbia Borough were built before 1978. This increases the possibility of lead being present in homes within the Borough. Lead-Safe Columbia is dedicated to helping individuals and families identify lead risks and assist them to addressing lead contamination that may be impacting their lives.

Renters, landlords and homeowners in Columbia Borough are eligible to receive a free home assessment from Healthy Columbia’s licensed lead risk assessor. Depending on the findings, families and individuals will be linked to additional resources to help remediate lead hazards. Have you seen this door hanger around town? That’s the work of our program manager, Kelsey. Look for Kelsey in your neighborhood talking about what makes a healthy home.

Lead Poisoning

  • Childhood lead poisoning may make learning difficult, interfere with growth, harm hearing and delay development.
  • Adults can experience hypertension, joint and muscle pains, a decline in mental functioning and more as a result of lead poisoning.

The only way to know if you or your child has lead in your body is to get a simple blood test. Talk to your child’s doctor about getting them tested today!

Click Here to learn 5 things you can do to prevent childhood lead poisoning.

For more information on Lead-Safe Columbia, or to schedule a home visit/screening, please call 717.397.7625.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Healthy Columbia is committed to bringing neighbors together through social and civic engagement.  Keep an eye out for community events in the Columbia Community.